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Brochure cover for an architectural practice specializing in orangeries. The client wanted the design to appeal to discerning home and hotel owners

The client, a leading educational music publisher, wanted this book cover to look vibrant and inspiring and convey the vitality of the music

Invitation to a book launch party. A clean, sparse design was required here

Extract from a 64-page brochure for a client that makes bespoke conservatories

Another extract from the conservatory brochure shown previously

The client, an author, wanted the book cover to look intriguing, and to have a contemplative, surreal quality, reflecting the writing

Book cover for a collection of beautiful classical songs. Part of a series, where each volume uses the same design, but in a different colour; a cost-effective solution for the client

Book cover for a collection of folk songs. The client wanted the cover to reflect the earthy, honest, raw quality of the songs

Part of a set of five books. The client asked us to produce a basic design that could be used for each grade, making a very clear visual feature of the grade number. To answer this brief we used an oversized number with an 'accent colour' (here lime green) that changes for each grade

The brief for this book cover was us to illustrate the sound of a voice without referring to race, sex or age. We found a simple outline of a silhouette was the solution

The client wanted the cover for this volume of contemporary music to be distinctive and sophisticated, to attract customers looking for challenging, unusual pieces of music. We used specially commissioned calligraphy; the title 'Unbeaten tracks' has been repeated over and over in an expressive way, producing an energetic, ambiguous image

Corporate identity for a training and mentoring company whose slogan is 'Think differently - do it better'. The client wanted a bold, distinctive design with 'a difference'. The small detail of the red dot above the i provides individuality and also acts as an aid in how to pronounce the name, by emphasizing the second syllable, which is where the stress is

Corporate identity for a recruitment company. The client wanted to have an upbeat, positive image that would stand out from the competition; the bright green colour looks fresh in a market dominated by variations of 'safe' blues and greys

Small tag created for a craftsperson. The loose, calligraphic grey initials were chosen to emphasize the handmade nature of Marilyn's products

Brochure cover for a client specializing in ultrasonic cleaning for the nuclear power industry. Perhaps not the most inspiring subject matter visually, so the challenge was to give the brochure a fresh, inviting feel with a high tech edge

Inside spread of brochure. The brief was to present the information in a straightforward, clean, clear way that would inspire confidence in the products

Cover for a reference book that deals with writing about music, aimed at students and professional musicians

The beautiful music in this book required an evocative cover; we chose an atmospheric watercolour image combined with minimalistic, timelss typography

For their brochure The Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce wanted an image that focussed on the locations of Norway and the UK, done in an individual way

This series of books contains romantic pieces of music and the client wanted the books to have a classical feel that would appeal to a wide market

One of a series of nine (so far) volumes, this collection of contemporary music has been given a simple, timeless design where the different size images illustrate the diversity and the quirkiness of the compositions

For this book the brief was to illustrate organ pipes in combination with musical symbols, without making it look too cluttered - a tall order! We chose to make the organ pipes a subtle part of the background, with the music on top. The client was delighted with the result

A similar brief to the preceding design. The two books had to link, but also be distinguishable from each other

We were asked to design a music book cover that would 'inspire and excite' young piano players and adults alike, and convey vitality and fun, taking the 'seriousness' out of music exams. The client wanted an individual design that would stand out from the competition; thus our choice of rich colour and painterly illustration

This book links to the preceding one, with its painterly background. The brief was to present the contents of the book (Scales and Arpeggios exercises can often be seen as dull chores, and less fun than playing actual melodies!) in a fresh, enticing way

The design for Piano Scales (previous image) has here been applied to Violin Scales. The same design was used for a wide range of different instruments, each one in its own, rich jewel like colour. The client found these books made the desired impact in shops and online, and gave the products a strong branding

This book was aimed at the adult market, but had to link visually with the products for youngsters. We linked it by the use of strong, rich colour, but kept the composition simple, which gives a more elegant, grown up feel

The client wanted a book cover based on a piano image, but 'done differently' with eye catching colour. We photographed a piano at a dramatic angle, gave it a loose, bold, graphic treatment and played around with colours and highlights





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